Facts About Drug Addiction Programs

An important aspect of today’s drug addiction programs is that they are faced with quite challenging times. It has been reported that drug addiction is equally as prevalent as cancer but more prevalent than heart diseases and stroke. A huge population of people in the United States, currently estimated to be around nine million, has drug addiction problems and therefore need urgent, timely treatment before their situations become worse.

Drug addiction programs make an immense contribution toward lowering financial constraints experienced in society. The fact that people are entangled in this web of drug addiction brings about losses to the economy of about $69 billion in terms of productivity, while close to $12 billion is spent yearly in health care costs. Child welfare alone consumes at the very least, close to $10 billion annually.

Facts About Drug Addiction Programs

The obvious impact of these financial constraints on the economy cannot be overemphasized. The one way of making sure that there is a significant reduction in the amounts of money spent annually in taking care of the morass that drug addiction brings about, is through aggressive implementation of drug addiction programs. These programs need to be spread to as many states as possible and made accessible to a larger percentage of the populace.

The influence of drug addiction programs has even been felt in their contribution toward reducing the number of deaths every year. Drug addiction is responsible for some 9,000 deaths annually in the United States, and therefore, the efforts made to establishing treatment and rehab centers which offer drug addiction programs is likely to create a huge drop in these statistics.

When drug abuse or addiction is left unabated, it eventually adds to the number of people contracting HIV or AIDS through sharing injections. Currently, it is estimated that at least 25% of all new AIDS cases reported every year are as a direct result of injection drug use. Therefore, drug addiction programs are devoted to stopping people from using these injections. Helping people to stop injecting and to stop using drugs in general saves lives by preventing them from contracting AIDS and other diseases.

What you should know about drug addiction programs is that they are helpful in bringing down the number of people who get incarcerated annually. Several reports have shown that drug addiction contributes to about 14% of all cases involving people who commit crimes and end up incarcerated. This is quite a large population of prison inmates charged with crimes ranging from violent conduct, rape, murder, reckless driving and other dangerous criminal behavior.

All of the above offers conclusive information of just how important drug addiction programs have become. Treatment services for people suffering from drug addiction cannot receive lukewarm attention by the public and other institutions at large. There is still a great need to ensure that drug addiction programs continue to be offered to as many people as possible who require drug addiction treatment.

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