Choosing a Drug Addiction Program

One of the main traits which people seeking treatment through drug addiction programs used to look for was the use of drug-free strategies and methods of treatment. Treatment and rehab centers used to highlight this aspect, insisting on the fact that they were running drug addiction programs without using drugs or medication. Drugs were entirely prohibited. These days, a number of facilities are operating drug addiction programs using the drug-free model, but many more have arisen which employ drugs or medication for the purpose of treatment.

If your drug addiction problem is related to opiates, then it is important to look for a drug addiction program specifically designed to help people in relation to opiate abuse withdrawal. Opiate treatment requires slightly different methods and programs of treatment as compared to others. It is imperative that you receive assurance that if you have been addicted to opiates, then your treatment will revolve around programs specifically designed for people with similar problems, rather than be generalized.

Choosing a Drug Addiction Program

Where your drug addiction is judged to have been quite severe, then one thing you should look for in drug addiction programs is whether they offer either outpatient or inpatient detoxification procedures. The application of this treatment program will depend on whether you undergo treatment either as an outpatient or an inpatient. Whichever the case may be, it is still crucial that you are counseled first before being signed up for detoxification. Counseling should be accompanied by a physical medical examination.

While receiving treatment through these drug addiction programs, it is advisable to look for whether the center from which you are being treated uses drugs or medication closely regulated by state and federal agencies. In times past, some programs have posted fatal results while patients are still being treated. For this reason, state and federal agencies now insist on the need for proper regulation of some of the programs and medications being used to forestall the possibility of any fatalities occurring during the process of withdrawal and recovery.

Another important feature to look out for is what other drug addiction programs are available, should you fail to achieve sobriety or freedom from drug use through the recommended programs. Some treatment centers have what they refer to as ‘therapeutic communities’. These are treatment programs designed for the drug addiction patients in whom other programs have failed to bring about the desired positive change. The goal of all drug addiction programs is mostly to help the addiction patient attain sobriety and not be chemically, psychologically or physically dependent on harmful substances.

At the end of the day, it is the person struggling with drug addiction who chooses which drug addiction programs he or she thinks are best suited for him or her. He or she is the one to make a decision about where he or she would like to receive treatment. As such, there are several other factors he or she should look for which are specific to his or her own individual case whether others consider these important or not. After all, it has been proven that drug addiction programs achieve the best results when offered to people who have a positive disposition towards them.

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